Focus on corporate innovation

28 November 2019

Large corporations : how to develop new business models ?

Innovate and develop new business models, these two objectives are the focus of the CDOs of all major companies. However, in large groups, new business models […]
7 October 2019

Co-creation: a pillar of radical innovation for large corporations.

Very large companies have developed gradually since the beginning of the decade, and then more aggressively from 2015 onwards, to encourage disruptive innovation in-house: labs, open-innovations, […]
14 June 2019

Corporate startup: forget about the first-mover advantage

In the previous article, we showed that large groups or “existing players” are not only perfectly capable of taking advantage of disruptive innovation but also fully […]
28 May 2019

5 good reasons to co-create with a corporate startup studio

Following the digital revolution, disruptive innovation and integration of start-ups into the fold of large corporations are a major challenge for large groups. After open innovation, […]
14 May 2019

Corporate Startup Studio: why join the Navy . . . when you can be a pirate?

“It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.” – Steve Jobs – To survive and prosper, large, well-established companies must have a clear […]
7 May 2019

The Corporate Startup Studio: a game changer for innovation in big companies or a new gadget for the chief digital officer (CDO)?

In the toolbox of innovation, there exists a multitude of solutions that have been approved by large businesses: Open innovation, corporate ventures, internal incubator, internal accelerator, […]
30 April 2019

The Corporate Startup Studios: the highway to disruptive innovation for large corporations

These days, the innovation process of large organizations has been considerably upset. The majority of large businesses can no longer compete with start-ups that are faster […]
23 April 2019
WeFound, un corporate startup studio made in France.

Wefound, a Corporate Startup Studio, made in France

The digital revolution has transformed and continues to transform the value chain of all sectors of the economy. It has driven major groups to reconsider their […]
10 April 2019

Introducing Wefound: interview with the management.

Marine, Gilles, can you present Wefound to us, and tell us about the particularities of corporate startup studios. Gilles Debuchy: Wefound is a corporate startup studio. […]


Wefound is based in the heart of Paris, in an environment conducive to creativity, concentration and team work.

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